Aren’t you in for an EPIC EPISODE because we had an EPIC DAY making it! I’d never been to this place before, and thought I was going to be catching Bass being in the fresh! But ended up catching no Bass and only these incredible Eastern Cod which I didn’t know much about at the time!

I’m no expert on them, but I was lucky enough to meet the man who studied these fish back in the 70’s or 80’s about a week after this trip!

He also studied Murray Cod prior, which is why he was then asked to study the Eastern Cod population which can only be found in a very tiny pocket of Northern NSW.

I actually met him and his son etc on a creek walk when I was scoping some mangroves! For some stupid reason I had a heap of SSD cards in my pocket in a small zip lock bag, and had taken something out of my pocket (Likely my phone) and they’d fallen out on the track! The son’s wife found them and when we happened to pass on the track, they asked if they were mine, and we got talking about fishing.

Of course the Dad mentioned his involvement with studying Murray and Eastern Cod…and that’s how that convo came about! I was stoked ay!

Anyway, thank you for watching!


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