G’day ya MADDOGS!!!

WELCOME TO EPISODE 2 of 24FIFTY_OUTSIDE !!! Thank you for tuning in for another bush ADVENTURE!!! I had a lot of FUN making this episode, and I hope to bring you a good laugh while you share in the FUN with me! I tell ya what…..I found myself so off the beaten track at times that I thought I’d end up in a version of SNAKES ON A PLANE for-sure! haha Seriously, I need that snake bite kit with me every step of the way!

I did a LOT of KMs in the Jimny over 6 days, approximately 1600kms, a lot considering I was out bush so much! However it did allow me to also scout some other areas, and come up with some ideas for future episodes! No hooks in me this time…but I could do a whole episode on hooks in my shirt, shorts, board cover in my car, trees, bushes etc! haha Special thanks to “THE BUSH RATS” (Check them out on YouTube also.) Anyway, thank you for coming along,

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Cheers, Mitch.

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